A new Star Wars episode is coming! Let’s get ready!

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Star Wars is coming back to the cinema with the final chapter of the “sequel” trilogy. As we previously mentioned in this article, the release – which is scheduled for 18th December in Italy – will end the saga which has accompanied and excited us for over 40 years. And so many promises have been made for this last episode: “the story will live on forever” is what the trailer, which was released on 22nd October, says. Let’s enjoy that while we wait for the movie.

Trailer ufficiale, pagina Star Wars Italia

Star Wars and the return of J.J. Abrams

In the ninth chapter of the saga, there’s a big comeback. Director J.J. Abrams, who previously directed the “The Force Awakens“, the first chapter of the trilogy, is back and has taken the reins of the space ship, passed on half way through by Colin Trevorrow. Inspired by the work of his colleague Rian Johnson in “Star Wars: the Last Jedi“, Abrams claims to have found the courage to dare in terms of the visual effects of the 9th chapter, with choices he would never have made when creating the 7th chapter of the saga.

Star Wars: a homage to Carrie Fisher

The passing of Carrie Fisher at the end of 2016 shocked all General Leia Organa‘s fans. This pain intensified when it was revealed that Leila was to be the key character in the final chapter of the Star Wars saga.

Princess Leia

Thanks to J.J. ¬†Abrams’s involvement, Carrie Fisher will be back on the screens for a final, memorable feat. The director, alongside Chris Terrio, completely rewrote the movie script, adapting it in order to keep Leila as an essential secondary character in the story. This was made possible thanks to the analysis of the exclusive reels of the previous chapters.¬† So Leila lives on.

“The Rise of Skywalker”: an epic conclusion to an epic saga

Set a year after the events of the “Last Jedi”, the “Rise of Skywalker” will answer many questions of chapter 8.

Once again we find Rey, the main character of the trilogy, played by Daisy Ridley; she is Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)’s apprentice, who finally embraces the Good Side of the Resistance. Alongside Rey, there will be many others including:Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), Finn (John Boyega), Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) and especially C-3PO, played by Anthony Daniels, the only character present in all nine chapters of the saga, who in the trailer of the 9th chapter, touched everyone.

Another significant, constant feature of the galactic saga isn’t in front of the camera, nor is it behind. Yet, without him, Star Wars wouldn’t have been as spectacular. We’re talking about John Williams, who once again has penned the soundtrack to the new Star Wars adventure.

The wait is over: get ready with Tribe!


It’s not long until the stellar epilogue is in the cinema… are you ready?

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