The story behind the success of Frozen!

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The sequel of Frozen is scheduled for release in cinemas in November 2019, but in the meantime many still remember the success of the first film: an all-round record-breaker, loved by both boys and girls and audiences of all ages, it reaped in a staggering 1 billion dollars, making the film one of the top 10 movies of all time.

But what are the real reasons for this success? Let’s see the main ones!

Frozen has more layers than the usual fairy tales

Unlike most fairy tales that follow the classic storyline of the “good against the bad”, in Frozen, it is all more complex and there is no real baddy as such. In addition, none of the characters are fully perfect, but they all have faults, fears, and psychological make-up to which modern-day viewers can easily relate.

A “different” language for a Pixar film

The way in which the characters communicate is definitely “fresher” and more “modern” compared to classic Disney cartoons and to Pixar‘s more modern animated movies. Just think of one of the many phrases of Olaf, such as “Grab my butt”.

The female characters are not “princesses”

InFrozen, the “Disney Princesses” are a distant memory: they do not fall in love easily and, above all, they do not wait nervously for a potential prince charming to come along.


Intelligent film marketing

In times in which the use of social media was not taken for granted to the same extent as today, before the film was released, numerous trailers and teasers (more than normal) were created specially to be shared and to generate dynamic interaction on the part of the users.

The real strength of Frozen is the music

A quick look around Youtube is sufficient to realise just how many fans are crazy about the film score of Frozen. It is not a film for those who are not fond of “the musical approach”, but it can also be said that compared to other animated films in which music plays a major part, in this case the producers created a true “musical phenomenon” that had not been seen for a long time.


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