The best technological gadgets of 2016

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Over the last year we witnessed a rising tide of several innovations in the field of technology: from the progress of the most canonical electronical devices, all the way through to the creation of the most curious gadgets. Here is a short selection that presents the best of what we have been through during this very interesting 2016.

#1 DJI Mavic Pro

Compact, fast, and simple manoeuvres gifted: Mavic Pro is the drone DJI of many talents. The greatest visible innovation in this model is of being foldable. This feature makes it easily transportable in a normal backpack, and this does not affect its technical features.

DJI-Mavic-Pro_16In fact, Mavic Pro is able to take the flight in just 30 seconds, reach the speed of 65 km per hour, take videos in 4K and use Facebook Live through its powerful camera. The commands are entrusted to a classical controller, which permits to operate even at a distance of 7 kilometres, but in the small radio of up to 80m the smartphone works as a remote control too. You are wondering what is the price for this little gem? Now it can be yours for 1.199 euros.

#2 Segway Ninebot Mini Pro

From July of last year it landed in our Country too: there you go the Mini Pro, a small Segway that wants to revolutionize the forms of transports in the short-range. Like the previous models, it’s equipped with an electrical engine and a central rudder to act on to go round a corner, whereas the direction of travel is given by the body movements forward and backward.Ninebot-mini_20WhiteWhich are the characteristics that make it innovative? First it’s safer and stabilized (thanks to also the stillness of the platform on which one stands), it responds well to impacts and goes beyond the potholes easily. Then, there is the app: one registers at the first use and connects it to the smartphone and one’s own account through the Bluetooth. This allows to monitor one’s own Ninebot and activate the antitheft when unguarded. It is also possible to set the colours of the lights, set any possible speed limit (when for example driven by a kid), and, above all, drive it remotely (only when nobody is driving it).

#3 Snap Spectacles

Last months of last year have been marked by the release in the US of Spectacles, the smart sun glasses designed by Snap Inc, which is the new name of the founder company of Snapchat. It’s a very simple product: sun glasses with a fun and coloured design on which is placed a camera able to take videos of around 10 seconds. And then? Naturally, through the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi, the recorded pictures are transmitted to the smarphone and directly to the instant videos social networks  for the end of the ride.



The greatest peculiarity of this device is probably the spread out method by which has been launched: Spectacles initially weren’t available for purchase either online, neither at the typical points of sale. To get them, one had to find out the Snapbots, travelling vending machines that were moving around the cities of US, and they were traceable via the especially made web site. Now on that website they can be bought for the price of 129,99 dollars (only in US land).

#4 Tribe Vibe e Tribe Move

And Tribe Vibe and Tribe Move? They are two lines of innovative audio and travel techno gadgets, coloured and fun, presented by Tribe at the IFA trade show 2016 in Berlin. The first line is dedicated to the music lovers and comprehends the handy earphones and the comfortable headphones with integrated microphone; the second one is dedicated to the modern travellers, those who can’t help themselves without their smartphone. In the collection indeed, you will find power banks, covers, micro USB cables and Lightning.



All in the style of Tribe: the products are a tribute to the much loved characters from the famous comics and movies. Some hints? There are those inspired on Marvel, those on DC Comics superheroes, those on Star Wars and even those who picture the beloved Italian pop culture theme: Vespa.



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