The Last Jedi: The secrets of the latest episode of Star Wars

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The release of The Last Jedi is approaching quickly (in Italian cinemas from 13th December) and the net closes in on the latest rumors about its making.

Apparently, the eighth chapter of the saga created by George Lucas is set to establish a new record. It will be the longest episode ever, lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes. This news will make fans ecstatic, having waited for months, settling for mere dribs and drabs of previews launched on the internet.

The publication of the official trailer

The official trailer shows a fascinating Rey, from the dark side of the force and a veiled Kylo Ren, who clashes with the Resistance. There are a lot of issues to be solved, here’s hoping that the 150 minutes will be long enough.

The topic which has everyone on the edge of their seats, however, is the possible reunion between Luke and Leila. Director Rian Johnson did not want to reveal any further detail. At the moment, the only clue is the cover of the US Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The Last Jedi also celebrates forty years since the premiere of the movie saga, and there seems to be no intention of stopping here. Apart from this third film of the “Trilogy Sequel”, there are still two spin-offs and a new trilogy underway.

The first will be dedicated to Han Solo, and will star the prestigious, Oscar-winning actor Ron Howard. The second, most likely, will tell the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Disney is also thinking of expanding to an even more “distant galaxy,” meaning that the three films could include new and unexplored characters and horizons.

Princes William and Harry’s ‘royal’ cameo

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Awaiting all of this, we enjoy the countdown to December 13th. Expectations are ever growing, fuelled by a bit of healthy gossip.

It is now certain that there will be “blue blood” in the cast, thanks to the cameo of the princes of England, William and Harry. According to rumors, the Duke of Cambridge and his brother will play the parts of two Stormtroopers. For George Lucas’s films, a “prestigious cameo” is not a new idea: in The Force Awakens, Daniel Craig also played the part of an Imperial Soldier.

And Tribe?

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