The Smurfs on cinemas: the Lost Village

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As simple as this: the Smurfs make their return on cinemas with a new adventure all to find out, The lost village. Produced by Sony Pictures, the Smurfs this time will be protagonists of a feature film entirely animated, going to be showed in Italian screens the 6th of April 2017 (in US it’s postponed to the next day).

With their curious language – whose term “Smurf” comes up often – the blue tiny creatures have been winning for years anyone’s heart: children and grown up. Just consider that their first appearance in comics occurred almost sixty years ago in the stories of Johan et Pirlouit, ideated by Peyo. In reality, at that time the Smurfs were designed as secondary characters to whom only occasional appearances were left, even though they gained soon a comics series all for themselves. Since then, the step was straightforward to the animated Tv series and finally to feature film. The first one dates back to 1976 (The smurfs and the magic flaute).

The film coming out in April

The film about to land on cinemas is an unprecedented story of the Smurfs, which will be characterized by the appearance of some new characters in their fantastic world. The lost Village comes out from a Smurfette’s dissatisfaction, which is the only lady in the village. In fact, what disturbs her is that all the Smurfs in the village have their role and employment in life, but her. Therefore, she decides to leave in search for her role in the world, letting herself being guided by a mysterious map which leads her to an enchanted forest.


Naturally, Smurfette cannot leave on her own: to help her there are Brainy Smurf, Clumsy Smurf and Hefty Smurf who take her side in the adventure. The group of the formidable four Smurfs will carry out the journey escaping from the terrible pitfalls planned by the unfailing and despicable Gargamel. His scope – once again – is to capture the Smurfs. The group of the little blue creatures will reach an unknown town (from which the title of the movie), where they will unlock the mystery which explains the real story of the Smurfs.

Which new characters will we see appearing? The mysterious town dug up by Smurfette and the companions, sees inhabited by another group of Smurfs, this time leaded by another woman named SmurfWillow. Which mystery will treasure these new, secretive Smurfs?

Awaiting for watching it on the 6th of April, in the meantime one can enjoy the glimpse provided by the trailer.

Smurfs and interpreters

It is a long time that the “rumours” are spreading out about who will be the great performers of the Smurfs in the original version of the new film. By now, it is impossible to not know, for instance, that the mysterious Lady SmurfWillow will have the voice of Julia Roberts. However, this is not going to be the only star to attend the dubbing of the blue beings. Smurfette, the full-fledged main character of this story, will be dubbed by Demi Lovato, considered by the director Kelly Asbury cut for this role, being at the same time a charming and determined woman, right as the character of the film. Then there will be Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike and True Blood) to give the voice to Hefty Smurf, Mandy Patinkin for Papa Smurf, Danny Pudi dubbing Brainy Smurf, Rainn Wilson for Gargamel.


The most famous Smurfs, you can find them all in USB versions, thanks to the pen drives signed by Tribe. There’s also Smurfette, the sweet Smurf with a fundamental role in the lost Village; the funny and brilliant Brainy Smurf; Papa Smurf, wise leader of the Village; Vanity Smurf, and, finally, the restless Black Smurf. Smurf them up now!



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