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For days now, the Tribe site has had a facelift!  We have worked on a total restyling of our e-commerce, both with graphics and performance.

Easily navigable both from your desktop and mobile phone, the new version of our site has been designed to enhance your navigation experience, making it as rewarding as possible. Our shopping channel is now more fluid and fast, and will constantly accompany you to your product of choice and finally, your decision to purchase.

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Graphic concept and features

Our graphics center around the products, with the aim of enhancing both their technical and design features, making the choice easier for those who observe and wish to buy them.  Since Tribe’s products are more wearable all the time, we have also added the human element so that the effect of ‘being worn’ is immediately recognisable.

Tribe’s accessories have excellent personality, and help shape the personal style of those who choose them. This is the reason that our human models have a real, but neutral face: we want to leave the maximum emphasis on both the product and your interpretation of what the wearer would look like.

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We have chosen a language which literally “speaks” to the user, accompanying them through their browsing experience while discovering our products, through the conversational and technical description of the accessories and a picturesque gallery, to then purchasing, facilitating the understanding of our extensive catalogue, with the division between licensed products and brand categories.



The history of tribe

On the “who we are” page, we tell you some of our story and about us, a story which was born in 2012, from the desire to transform an ordinary object into something extraordinary, which we continue today with the very same spirit.

tribe-tech_chi siamo

We work daily to perfect and improve these accessories, making them unique and original items to be collected, given as presents or purchased for themselves.


Our work does not end there! We will continue to expand the site with unpublished sections, from which you can download extra content on the brands and establish an ever-closer relationship between yourself and us at Tribe.

We hope that everything is to your liking, come visit us at tribe-tech.com, the fun side of tech!



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