Wonder Woman: the secrets of the film’s success

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Wonder Woman, the superheroine of the DC Comics universe, recently made her debut in cinemas worldwide (since 1st June in Italy). The film, Wonder Woman, produced by Warner Bros Pictures, is the fourth in the DC Extended Universe series. You can find our thoughts on the character and the plot of the film in this article!

The film’s arrival in cinemas has been tainted by slight controversy. In fact, the recent cinematographic works of the DC Extended Universe series (such as Superman and Batman V) have not satisfied the high expectations of many fans.

Instead, against expectations, the film dedicated to the third icon of the DC Comics universe has pleased not only the public but also the press.


A glowing cast (and a magnetic relationship)

One of the most spot-on casting choices is undoubtedly that of the protagonist, playing Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman: of course, we are referring to Gal Gadot, Israeli actress already well-known to the public for her role as Gisele Harabo in the Fast and Furious saga.

Many viewers have appreciated the “human” aspect that was assigned to Gadot’s character. As well as being a strong heroine and fighter, the film also reveals the character’s ironic and funny side.

The success of the film is also thanks to the magnificent relationship Gal Gadot has with her co-protagonist Chris Pine, who plays Steve Trevor in the film, Wonder Woman’s love interest.

Many have defined their chemistry as magnetic and absolutely irresistible.


Behind-the-scenes told in a book

Along with the release of the film, the book “Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film” was contemporaneously released, where the behind-the-scenes of the making of the film are recounted. One of the producers, Zack Snyder, revealed that the character of Steve Trevor initially was not meant to be in the cast. Only when it came to making the storyboard did the production team realise that Wonder Woman could not exist without Steve Trevor.

In an interview with a well-known US monthly magazine, even the film’s director Patty Jenkins said that Chris Pine’s participation was crucial to the film’s success. However, initially, Jenkins had some doubts about Gal Gadot, stating that if the choice of the protagonist was solely down to her, she would probably have searched elsewhere. Although, thanks to the Israeli actress’ fabulous work, Jenkins’ initial doubts were denied immediately.

The making of the film and the director’s lengthy task

Patty Jenkins said that she had to work very hard in the making of Wonder Woman. First of all, because creating the first female superhero film of the DC Extended Universe series was a task laden with responsibility, given the public’s high expectations. What’s more, the work was long and complicated because Jenkins had to stay as true as possible to the line of books, while at the same time meeting the expectations of Warner Bros Pictures.


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